Kay Sleking (1968) has its roots in both the Netherlands and Kenya. However, he grew up in a suburb of Amsterdam, the Bijlmer. From an early age he was busy with drawing and music. After a short period of teacher training at the AUAS, he took an evening course at the Graphic School and then worked for a number of years at a graphic design agency.

The music nevertheless caught his attention and he started the bachelor study classical guitar at the Amsterdam Conservatory. After a year he continued his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory because of the possibility to study Argentine tango and Brazilian music in addition to classical music. After obtaining his bachelor's degree, he continued his studies in the master, for which he regularly traveled to Berlin and Argentina. After his final recital, he received the talent incentive prize and was offered an appointment as a principal subject teacher at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory). He performs internationally in various ensembles and orchestras and gives workshops and master classes.

In the spring of 2018, Kay Sleking decided to paint in addition to making music. The EXPANSION exhibition is an overview of an inspiring year; a journey to different ways of expression. Breaking from one art discipline to another. The birds and the vistas represent space, dynamism and stillness. Based on the Wadden. However, it stands for any place in the world where seas, lakes, space and birds can be found. They could also serve as a metaphor for the desire for new horizons. A visitor to the exhibition EXPANSION said: “Dynamic stillness. Like the seagulls "hang" in the air; infinitely silent yet moving ”. Another description: "Wow, they look like they could leave the canvas immediately, just staying for reason of friendlyness towards the observer."

The images evoke the same "frequency" as his music. Even more specific; the SPIEGELINGEN theater concert - Frisian Poetry & Argentine Tango - is a good example of this. The space, dynamism and musicality of his exhibition EXPANSION is an expression in which the melancholy of Argentine tango and Frisian poetry can be reflected, and vice versa.

EXPANSION has been exhibited in Galerie OpWest (Terschelling), Xanten and Cologne (Germany), the Oranjekerk (Amsterdam) and 1900 (Amsterdam). His work will be in Leeuwarden in the summer of 2020.

Kay Sleking is a Recommended Artist at Saatchi.
At Singulart he is appointed as a Talented, Investable Artist with International Exposure.

In addition to free work, Kay Sleking also paints on commission.

If you are interested in the paintings, please contact us on number +31 (0) 65497717 or mail info@kaysleking.com.

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